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Wilde Irish Chocolates – Wholesale Website Design

Wilde Irish Chocolates cross device visual

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Wilde Irish Chocolates - Wholesale Website Design

A custom eCommerce Wholesale website designed exclusively for Wilde Irish Chocolates, located in the heart of Tuamgraney, Co. Clare. Our innovative eCommerce Wholesale Website Design seamlessly integrates the beloved branding and aesthetic of Wilde Irish Chocolates’ main B2C site with powerful B2B trade capabilities.

The client’s new website was designed with a number of options including wholesale product purchasing, login to view price, approval of logins prior to access, varying minimum product quantity per bulk order, immediate payment and straight to order functionality requirements, to improve processing time and decrease manual order intervention for the client.

Wilde Irish Chocolates’ wholesale operations have been elevated with a dedicated eCommerce solution that saves time, reduces labour requirements, speeds up order time for their customers, and keeps their business running smoothly. The perfect blend of functionality and branding with Wilde Irish Chocolates’ new trade website design.

About Wilde Irish Chocolates

Nestled in the heart of the scenic Co. Clare, Wilde Irish Chocolates has been enchanting chocolate lovers since 1997. Located in Tuamgraney, their talented “Wilde Bunch” of expert chocolatiers, meticulously trained in-house, pour their passion into every aspect of their chocolate-making process. From crafting and testing exquisite confections to innovative packaging design, engaging social media, and immersive tours, they ensure every experience is as delightful as their chocolates.

Already known for their vibrant B2C website, managed by Agile Digital Strategy, Wilde Irish Chocolates sought to extend their distinctive brand experience to their B2B customers. We proudly present their new trade website, designed to mirror the look and feel of the main site, while offering their business partners an equally seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

Website Design Featured Options

Agile Digital Strategy provided a number of key features needed for the website design for Wilde Irish Chocolates Wholesale Website.

Functionality integrated with Web Design

Wilde Irish Chocolates shop wholesale website design.

At Agile Digital Strategy, we understand the challenges businesses face in streamlining their wholesale operations. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge B2B website solution that seamlessly integrates with Wilde Irish Chocolate’s existing B2C platform, ensuring a consistent and powerful brand experience across all channels.

Client feedback before the project commenced suggested development of a wholesale B2B website with the same branding as their B2C website, currently managed by Agile Digital Strategy.

The client’s main concern was to speed up the manual aspects of order processing by receiving payment immediately and proceeding to order processing, for efficiency within their business. The wholesale website also needed to deal with varying product box sizing requirements.

Functionality was also requested for a pre-approved client list, with the option for manual client approval in the back end. 

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, speed and usability are paramount. This wholesale website delivers fast load times and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless shopping experience that keeps clients engaged and satisfied.

Responsive Design Across All Devices

It is essential that your web design should be easy to navigate through and simple to use across all devices. Users of your website should always be able to easily access your websites content and they should be able to navigate your website easily.

Agile Digital Strategies web design for Wilde Irish Chocolate trade website is compatible across all device platforms. This means that the web design can expand across computer monitors or laptop screen sizes, and it can shrink to fit your iPad, tablet or mobile device screens.

The design team optimised the design by ensuring that the text provided is clear and easy to read across all platforms and that images and videos are scaled to fit on any device while ensuring their quality is not reduced.

Wilde Irish Chocolates mobile visual - wholesale website design.

Project Completion

The website simplifies the ordering experience for the customer, while also achieving order processing efficiency for the client. By implementing a ‘straight to order’ flow, with receipt of payment immediately for the client, and allowing the orders to be processed quickly, the ordering process is streamlined. This reduced the need for many emails over and back regarding orders. 

The team at Agile Digital Strategy would like to thank Patricia and the team in Wilde Irish Chocolates for choosing ADS for their custom ecommerce wholesale website design project, we have really enjoyed working on this project.

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