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Pay Per Click Advertising and
Google Ads

Agile has extensive experience running PPC ads and Google Ads for local & international businesses in Ireland

Building Successful PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click - Google Ads Management - PPC Dublin - PPC Agency Galway - hire PPC expert

Google Adwords and PPC Pay Per Click Advertising. Campaigns are very effective means of advertising for businesses today. Essentially, PPC is how you drive traffic to your website through paying a publisher when the ad is clicked. It is a form of online advertising which shows your website advertisement at the top of the search engine.

Agile Digital Strategy will help you set up, manage, measure and provide a monthly report on your Google Ads Campaigns. PPC Pay Per Click Advertising can be extremely effective for your business when it is done correctly, however if your campaign is set up incorrectly and managed poorly then it can be ineffective and waste your time and money.

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Agile Digital Strategy is here to help you create and manage your pay per click advertisements and we will make sure that the whole process is done correctly to benefit your business.

PPC - Bing & Google Ads Management

What you get with Monthly PPC Management for your Bing & Google Ads Management:

  • Free setup of your Ads accounts on both Microsoft Bing and Google Ads
  • Monthly Reports on performance of Ads
  • Monthly reviews of high performing and low performing Ads
  • Optional Monthly 30min zoom meeting to review current status
PPC Google Ads Management by Agile Digital Strategy

Google Partner Agency

Agile Digital Strategy are delighted to be a Google Partner Agency

This partnership allows us to further enhance our clients’ Google Ads campaigns and to deliver the best results possible.

To achieve this partnership, Google requires its agencies to hit high benchmarks around areas such as ad performance, ad optimisation, and ad training.

By using a certified Google Partner, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your ad campaigns are in the best hands possible. ADS are working with PPC Campaigns for clients throughout Ireland and UK. 

Google Partner Agency Advantages

Running Google Ads with a partner can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Experience and expertise: A Google Ads partner has a deep understanding of the platform and can provide expert guidance and advice on how to set up and optimize campaigns to achieve specific business goals.

  2. Better performance: Partners have access to the latest tools and techniques to manage and optimize campaigns, which can lead to better performance and more efficient use of ad spend.

  3. Access to additional resources: Partners can provide additional resources such as analytics, reporting and creative services to help you better understand your audience and improve your ad campaigns.

  4. Account management: Partners can manage your account on a daily basis, monitoring and optimizing performance, which can save time and effort for the business.

  5. Cost-effective: Partners can help you to identify areas of inefficiency and optimize your campaigns to reduce wasted ad spend and increase ROI.

  6. Support: Partners are committed to your success and are ready to provide support, troubleshoot issues, and answer questions.

Setting Up and Managing PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

Our digital marketing team understands how to utilise Google Adwords & Bing Ads within your digital marketing strategy. We work with a variety of clients to help drive their online revenue. Together with our technical and analytical expertise our campaigns are highly targeted and high performing.
At the beginning of the progress we research specific keyword lists that your business should be using and we check the cost per click of these keywords for the advertisement. We research what your current SEO ranking is and we discuss what budget you have in mind for the advert.

Our team then takes control of managing your PPC Pay Per Click Advertising. We can set up the advert by using the specific researched keywords in the text ad. Using the correct keywords will improve your quality score and increase your ad’s chances of being viewed by customers. We also can then strategically target specific ad groups to ensure your advert reaches its target market.

PPC Pay Per Click Advertising  may sound complicated, but we understand exactly what needs to be done so that your advert reaches its potential customers on the google display network.

Benefits of PPC Pay Per Click Advertising

Instant visibility of your business and message at the top of search engine
It can be a quick advertising campaign
You only have to pay when someone clicks on your advert
You can keep to a specific budget
You receive instant feedback on what ads are effective
You to make changes quickly to maximise return on investment due to instant feedback
Instantly target set geographical areas or specific demographics
Proven success when launching a new product
Restrict adverts to a specific criteria for example location, keywords, day of the week and more. This will ensure your advert reaches the correct target audience
Pay Per Click Advertising - B2B PPC Agency Dublin & Shannon

What Agile Digital Strategy Can Provide

Agile Digital Strategy can provide a wide range of services to ensure that your business becomes more visible online. Our web services include:
We can supply the design and development of new web pages to get your business online. We have a team of web developers who work closely with their clients to achieve the end result desired.
If you already have an online business we can also provide more web design and online marketing features. We offer a wide range of services that we can tailor to your business needs and goals.
Agile Digital Strategy also provides a wide range of digital marketing services for our clients including search engine optimisation, content management systems and social media management. Feel free to check out our services page and contact us to learn more.

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Keyword Analysis & Competitor Research services from Agile Digital Strategy

Competitor Research

Researching, identifying and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals. Helping you develop a marketing strategy that will identify gaps in the market, develop new ideas and sell more effectively.

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SEO is one of the digital initiatives you don't want to miss out on. Agile Digital Strategy can help you optimise your business page to be more SEO friendly.

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Digital Consulting

We consult with you to help you discover an effective business strategy and implement it across your businesses different digital channels.

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