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Clipex – Agricultural Website Design

Clipex website design - cross device visual.

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Clipex Agricultural Website Design

Since 2016, Clipex Fencing Limited has proudly served as the European and UK headquarters for Clipex, marking a pivotal shift from our Australian roots to their new base in the vibrant town of Ennis, Co. Clare. This strategic relocation allows them to cater to the unique demands of our UK and European customers with precision and local expertise.

Clipex required a direct quote facility through their custom agricultural website, clear pricing and animal handling information, an SEO focus with optimisations for mobile, while the project also included photo editing and graphic design services. The Clipex website includes translations for key European countries where their agricultural products are most popular, ensuring clear communication and a seamless experience for everyone. We also handle the maintenance on the site, where regular content creation, social content and marketing services are used to keep the site current.

About Clipex

Founded in 2007 by visionary Ashley Olsson, Clipex was born out of a passion to provide affordable, engineered solutions to rural families. In 2016, Clipex made a strategic move to establish their European and UK headquarters in the picturesque town of Ennis, County Clare. This decision was pivotal, allowing them to better serve their European customers with a dedicated local presence. Transitioning management from Australia to Ireland ensured that their custom agricultural website would be expertly handled by an Irish company, bringing them closer to their customers.

Their new website is designed with customers in mind, offering a range of features to make your experience seamless and efficient, including an online quoting facility, transparent pricing and comprehensive animal handling information. The website has also incorporated translations for our their European markets, ensuring clear communication and accessibility for all customers.

Website Design Featured Options

Agile Digital Strategy provided a number of key features needed for the website design for Clipex Agricultural Website Design.

Functionality integrated with Web Design

Before we commenced this exciting project, feedback from Clipex suggested a move to clear marketing of products in their European and UK markets. Clipex primarily sell through their industry partners but wanted to include a clear pricing model and an online quote facility on the website. Popular in many European countries, it was also important to offer translations directly online to facilitate communication. The site is heavily SEO focused with optimisations for mobile. Content and social marketing, graphic design and photo editing services are also key features for ongoing maintenance of the website.
Clipex website design request quote.

Responsive Design Across All Devices

It is essential that your web design should be easy to navigate through and simple to use across all devices. Users of your website should always be able to easily access your websites content and they should be able to navigate your website easily.

Agile Digital Strategies web design for Clipex agricultural website is compatible across all device platforms. This means that the web design can expand across computer monitors or laptop screen sizes, and it can shrink to fit your iPad, tablet or mobile device screens.

The design team optimised the design by ensuring that the text provided is clear and easy to read across all platforms and that images and videos are scaled to fit on any device while ensuring their quality is not reduced.

Clipex website design - mobile visual.

Project Completion

Our user-friendly interface is crafted to delight both users and teachers, presenting a wealth of information in a structured and easily accessible manner.

With comprehensive training, the school’s staff is fully equipped to manage the site effortlessly. Plus, they benefit from our maintenance package for those more complex updates, ensuring the site remains optimised and current.

The team at Agile Digital Strategy would like to thank Buaile Beag National School for choosing ADS for their custom website design project. We have really enjoyed working on this project.

Clipex website design home page.

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