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5 Web Design Trends 2022

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5 Web Design Trends for 2022

We have put together some Web Design Trends that you may consider for your new website in 2022 or if you are planning a website upgrade, some or all of these trends can be considered. Whether you are looking for a completely new website or want to upgrade your current website, Agile Digital Strategy will work and guide you to get the website you require.

1. Voice Search Optimization

People do online searches using voice commands. Hey google…Siri…Alexa…Although this feature is not as common in websites as on mobile devices or gadgets at home, this feature is expected to see an increase in website as designers make this feature a priority into the future.


Voice Search Optimization - Agile Digital Strategy - Web Design
  • Increase the loading speed of your site
    When Google receives a request, it first shows the site that is faster, even if two sites contain identical information. Speed up the loading speed of your site to stay at the top.
  • Make your website mobile friendly
    Did you know that mobile phones account for 52 percent of all Internet searches? These figures, we believe, are compelling evidence that it is worthwhile to make your website mobile-friendly.
  • Be available with Google My Business
    Have you ever searched, “restaurant near me”. Integrate your company with Google My Business to make it easier for people to find you in local search results. All you have to do now is correctly fill in the fields with your company’s details and address. Following that, when customers search for your type of business “near me,” your business will show up for those in your locality looking for the service you provide.
  • Quality content
    The results are influenced by high-quality blogs on your site. As a result, the more useful and up-to-date information you provide on your website, the more users will be interested in taking action. Furthermore, the more precise and concise phrases you employ, the more quickly users will locate you. Users, after all, do not search for information using sophisticated language.
Accessibility - Agile Digital Strategy

2. Accessibility

Accessibility in web design means that a website is designed in such a way to make it accessible to use for people with various disabilities. It is important to pay attention to accessibility and to work on your website constantly to ensure that most people have access to your website. Features like increasing text size or colour on the website make it more accessible to all users.

Some Tips for an Accessible Website

  • Use headings correctly to organize the structure of your content

Examples of proper use of headings: Use <h1> for the primary title of the page. Use headings to indicate title of your content structure. Do not skip heading levels (e.g., go from an <h1> to <h3>), as screen reader users will wonder if content is missing.

  • Include proper alt text for images

Alt text should be provided for images, so that screen reader users can understand the message conveyed by the use of images on the page.

  • Give your links unique and descriptive names:

Try not to say: “Click here to read about our company.” Alternatively, say: “To learn more about our company, read About Us.”

  • Use colour with care

There are tools you can use to evaluate colour contrast, which will assist you in making your page as visually usable as possible to individuals with low vision or varying levels of colour blindness. Making colours accessible usually means creating colour combinations that provide enough contrast that the content is clearly distinguishable from the surrounding page.

  • Design your forms for accessibility

Accessible forms are simple to comprehend, fill out, and submit. Users must be able to see instructions, prompts, needed form fields, and field layout requirements. Error recovery must be simple and straightforward.

3. White Space

White space, refers to the blank area between design elements on website. Many eCommerce sites have started taking advantage of white space by avoiding filling it with text, graphical images, and other objects. Instead, taking on a more minimalist approach. This type of style is more visually relaxing and appealing for site visitors. It also makes the information presented easier to read and understand.

As the saying goes, Less is More. Whitespace can be utilized to guide a reader from one element to another, in addition to creating harmony, balance, and helping to brand a design. The main objectives are to keep the website clean and uncomplicated, as well as to provide content that your users will like and value.

White Space - Agile Digital Strategy

4. Design for the Thumb​

Designed for Thumb - Agile Digital Strategy

With over 50% of global website traffic now generated via mobile, it is vital to make navigation layout key for mobile users. Making a website mobile-friendly is not only about optimizing pages for handheld devices. Designing a site so that its main points of interaction, such as the homepage tab, navigation bar or menu, can be easily reached while the person is holding a phone with one hand.

With more users relying on mobile phones every day, user-friendly mobile web design is paramount. A key element in web development for mobile interface is the thumb zone. You might notice the menu on the bottom of the screen rather than the top. No matter the size of the screen or how the user holds their phone, web design services must pay attention to the thumb zone to ensure designs are user-friendly and effective.

5. Dynamic Scrolling

Dynamic scrolling or single page scrolling, means your featured content is all contained within one page. It is a great way to tell a story on your website especially if you add parallax scrolling into the design (background moves at slower pace than the foreground).

What Is Parallax Scrolling and How Does It Work? Parallax scrolling is a web design method in which background graphics move slower than foreground images throughout a page, providing the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional site.

Dynamic Scrolling - Agile Digital Strategy

Ready to get a website or upgrade your current website?

 You can plan on using all or some of these Web Design Trends for your new website in 2022. If you’re planning a website upgrade, any or all of these trends can be taken into account. Agile Digital Strategy will work with you to achieve the website for your need, whether you need a whole new website or want to enhance your current one.

We work on many different projects from eCommerce, B2B websites, custom brochure websites, booking systems etc.

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