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12 Voice Search Optimization Tips for your Website

12 voice search optimization tips for your website

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Table of Contents

12 Voice Search Optimization Tips for your Website

Below we outline 12 voice search optimization tips for your website. Implementing these will increase your website rankings. 

The process of improving and simplifying the content on your site so that it appears in voice searches is known as voice search optimization. When users make spoken searches, voice search optimization seeks to optimize your website to answer their inquiries.

This technique gives you the opportunity to have your page read aloud by a voice search device (Alexa, Siri, OkGoogle) whenever a user requests information about your page. 

All online content must be now be more specific and precise to be found via voice search.

1. Increase the loading speed of your site

Why is this important? When Google receives a request, it first shows the site that is faster, even if two sites contain identical information. Speed up the loading speed of your site to stay at the top.

website loading speed
Mobile Friendly- 12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website

2. Make your website mobile-friendly

Did you know that 52% of all searches on the Internet are done from mobile phones? We believe that these data are excellent proof that it is worth making your site responsive for mobile users.

3. Write long-form content

We are not talking about long blogs, but blogs that are full of useful information. Quality content affects the SEO of the site. Write blogs on relevant topics using simple and clear information.

Long form content tips to voice search optimizations on your website
Content -12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website

4. Make scannable content

Optimize your content so that it is easily scanned, easy to read, and has no unnecessary pop-ups. Divide your content into simple sentences, small paragraphs, bullet points and headings – this will help users to better understand it.

5. Use information from Social Media

Today, social networks have become the undisputed leaders of business promotion. This is a place where people are looking for inspiration and various types of goods and services. The most active cooperation and feedback with users come from social networks. It is the new word of mouth, as well as a source of information for you about user interests and search trends.

Social Media-12 tips voice search optimization
Schema Metadata -voice optimisation

6. Use Schema Metadata

Schema metadata is the encryption of data in code. Writing Schema metadata helps you to add more information for search engines about the content that is on your site. This simplifies the decryption of all information that is on your site for Google and accordingly increases your visibility.

7. Be available with Google My Business

Integrate your business with Google My Business to enable users to find you in local search listings. All you need to do is to correctly fill in the fields with information about your business and address. After that, you will be shown when people search your kind of business “near me.” This is key for Local SEO. 

Google My Business - 12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website
Featured Snippets - 12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website

8. Optimize for Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet is a search result for your question, which is located at the very top of the search result page and contains a clear answer to a user request. To become the page that Google selects for featured Snippets, you should be in the top first organic rankings for this request + have content with clear, short answers or data.

9. Use “filler words”

“Filler words” are those words that will help you get closer to lively speech queries. Therefore, when you optimize your search by keywords, then go back and dilute key phrases with words like me, the, a, for.

12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website
Voice Search Optimization -12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website

10. Voice search optimizations with FAQ

We have already mentioned above that voice search optimization is based on extensive, colloquial phrases. And where to get them if not from the FAQ section? This is a great source to get people’s live phrases for future search optimization. 

11. Quality content

High-quality blogs on your site affect the results. Accordingly, the more valuable and up-to-date information is posted on your site, the more users will be interested in and push for some actions. Plus, the more accurate and simple phrases you use, the faster users find you. After all, users are not using complex sentences when looking for information.

Quality Content - 12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website
FAQ Questions and Answers - 12 tips to voice search optimizations on your website

12. Use Answer the Public to know what people search

Answer the Public is a great tool that helps you understand what people are looking for, how they are looking for it, and what phrases they use. This tool helps you to select and optimize phrases for voice search.

Final Thoughts on Voice Search Optimizations

Why is it important?

  • Voice search is used by 58 percent of consumers to get information about a local company online. (Source: Search Engine Journal)
  • Voice search on mobile is used by 27% of the online Google population.
    (Source: Google)
  • Smart speaker owners keep their devices in a common area, such as the living room, according to 52%. The speaker was kept in the kitchen by 25% of participants, while the device was kept in the bedroom by 22%. (Google)
  • On a desktop search, 75% of voice search results appear in the top three spots for a specific topic.
  • 60 percent of individuals say smart gadgets are indispensable in their lives and that they can’t fathom life without them.
  • Voice searches accounted for 25% of Windows 10 desktop searches.
  • Voice searches were used in 56 percent of cases to check anything up on the internet.

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