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Case Study: eCommerce Web Design for Cottage Garden Centre

cottage garden centre - agile digital strategy

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Table of Contents

Creating a Modern Responsive Web Design

Cottage Garden Centre came to us with a request to create a new website to increase their brands online visibility. Along with a web design for Cottage Garden Centre, the owners were also seeking functionality on the website so that customers could order their garden plants and gifts online. 

This project completion date was estimated 6-12 weeks from provision of all content. A modern responsive website was required that would lead to more organic traffic through people searching online for garden plants and gifts. 

Cottage garden centre’s aims with this project was to increase their online customers through an online gift store on their new website.

Cottage Garden Centre Web Design - Agile Digital Strategy

About Cottage Garden Centre and Gift Shop

Cottage Garden Centre is a family owned business which opened its doors in 2003.The store is owned and run by Lisa and Terry Byrne, with their family members. The garden centre and gift store is located in the foothills of Mount Callan, at a place called The Hand, in County Clare.

They provide a wide range of stock that includes seasonal bedding, herbs, vegetable and salad plants, fruit bushes, compost, shrubs, seaside friendly shrubs, ceramic and clay pots, window boxes, gift items and more. They also provide seasonal stock, so their products are constantly changing and new items are frequently showcased.

During the Covid-19 lockdown in Ireland, Cottage Garden Centre was badly impacted and sadly had to shut its doors during this time. This was when the owners realised that getting their business online was essential for the future of their brand. Getting the company online with an online shop also would also allow them to continue operating their business in the event of a second lockdown.

Getting the business started online through their new website and online shop opens up new opportunities for flexibility and will allow them to sell their products locally and nationally.

Design Brief for Cottage Garden Centre Web Design

At the start of any project, Agile Digital Strategy always ensures that we know and understand the full scope of what our clients need for their plan. After discussions with Lisa, we created our main points for the design brief which included:

Website Design Options

Agile Digital Strategy provided a number of
key features needed for the website design.
Cottage Garden Centre Web Design

Web Page Design and Categories

At the beginning of the project, we worked with our graphic designer to create the logo for the garden centre. The colours of the logo then had to be represented throughout the web design to keep the branding consistent. 

The website has a homepage, about page, contact page, the online shop and a gallery. When adding products into the website store, we created specific categories for each product. This allows us to create category pages on the website to showcase “Garden Shop”, “Memorial” and “Gift Shop”. Breaking the products down the specific categories on the website creates ease of use when navigating the website and also for SEO.

Once the website went live, we did a speed check to ensure that the website has a fast loading time. To do this, we used GTmetrix so we can optimise the speed time for effective results.

Social Media Integrations and Images

The technology used to create the website includes WordPress and WooCommerce. The design has a bespoke layout which is integrated with the Cottage Garden Centre instagram. 

This integration with Instagram is located at the end of their homepage and it showcases the businesses most recent posts on the social media platform. We created a sign up service for their Mailchimp newsletter which is integrated on the homepage and we also applied links to their other social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All of the images that are used on the website are the businesses own products. The aim was to showcase all of the beautiful gifts that Cottage Garden Centre has to offer, and the bright colours of their stock are eye catching and help to make the website stand out.

Cottage Garden Centre Page Web Design
Cottage Garden Centre Page Web Design Mobile Responsive

Design is Responsive Across All Devices

It is essential that your web design should be easy to navigate through and simple to use. At Agile Digital Strategy, we always aim to ensure that your website is easily accessed by your potential customers. 

Our web designs are compatible across all device platforms. This means that the web design will either expand across your computer monitor or laptop screen size, or it will shrink to fit your iPad, tablet or mobile device. 

During the design process, we always ensure that any text provided is easy to read no matter what the screen size is. We also make sure that any images or videos also keep their quality across any device.

Features of the Online Shop

Cottage Garden Centre needed an online store that was functional and easy to use for their gift shop. 

Options to add items to the cart, view the cart, entering the customers details and implementing a payment system are all necessary features for this store. In the checkout there is also an option for local pickup or delivery. This will allow the shop to sell both locally and nationally.

One of Agile Digital Strategy’s services includes providing full training for our clients. Having a new website is great, but if you don’t know how to manage it then it is a waste of time. We want to make sure you get value for money when working with us, so we provided two hours of training (One hour a week) on Zoom. 

During the training we showed our clients how to manage their new site, how to add or remove images, how to upload new products or mark them off as “sold out”, how to put on a sale, and much more. We also recorded a video during the training session so that Cottage Garden Centre has a refresher course in the future if necessary.

Cottage Garden Centre Web Design eCommerce Shop

We also recommend our clients to sign up for a maintenance plan with us so we can continue
to save your website from potential threats and to provide you with backups in the future

Project Completion

During the planning stages of this web design project, the initial time for delivery was estimated 6-12 weeks from provision of all content. 

The client requested a quick turnaround time and was responsive with the provision of the content, even though some last portions were only delivered in the last week of the project. We successfully launched the website in 2 months after provision of initial content.

The team at Agile Digital Strategy would like to thank Lisa at Cottage Garden Centre for choosing to work with us and we have enjoyed every second of this collaboration. We would also like to wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. We hope that their new website will attract a wider audience of potential customers to their beautiful products. 

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Cottage Garden Centre Full Page Web Design

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