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Elm Landscaping – Custom SEO Optimised Website Design

Elm Landscaping website design - cross device visual.

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Elm Landscaping Website Design

We’re thrilled to unveil the new custom website design for Elm Landscaping, your go-to experts in landscaping and tree surgery based in Ennis, Co. Clare. Our redesign is meticulously crafted to enhance local SEO within a 100km radius, arcross Clare, Limerick and Galway, ensuring Elm Landscaping stands out in every local search.

We’ve prioritized a user-friendly interface, making it effortless for the team to showcase their latest projects and updates. With a comprehensive range of services, we’ve structured the website for seamless navigation, providing clear and concise information about everything Elm Landscaping has to offer.

About Elm Landscaping

Since its establishment in 2008, Elm Landscaping has grown into one of Ireland’s most trusted names in landscaping and tree surgery. With a highly skilled team of experts in tree surgery, site clearance, garden design, construction, and maintenance, Elm Landscaping has built a reputation for excellence and reliability.

When Elm Landscaping approached us for a website redesign, their vision was clear. They needed a site that would not only boost their local SEO but also provide a sleek, intuitive structure to showcase their diverse range of services. Ease of updating new projects, maintaining up-to-date brochures, and prominently displaying their ISO qualifications were also top priorities.

Our mission was to create a digital platform that reflects Elm Landscaping’s dedication to quality and innovation, helping them connect with clients more effectively and continue growing their legacy of excellence.

Website Design Featured Options

Agile Digital Strategy provided a number of key features needed for the website design for Elm Landscaping Website Design.

Functionality integrated with Web Design

Before embarking on this project, we gathered invaluable client feedback that emphasised the need for a well-structured website to showcase Elm Landscaping’s extensive range of services. Enhancing local SEO for maximum service visibility was a top priority. Their new website needed to be user-friendly, allowing the client to effortlessly update brochures and projects regularly. Additionally, it was essential to prominently display their ISO qualifications and include a showroom booking form for potential clients.

Our mission was clear: to create a dynamic, intuitive platform that not only highlights Elm Landscaping’s expertise but also elevates their online presence, making it easier than ever for clients to connect and engage with their outstanding services.

Elm Landscaping website design - showroom booking form.

Responsive Design Across All Devices

It is essential that your web design should be easy to navigate through and simple to use across all devices. Users of your website should always be able to easily access your websites content and they should be able to navigate your website easily.

Agile Digital Strategies web design for Elm Landscaping website is compatible across all device platforms. This means that the web design can expand across computer monitors or laptop screen sizes, and it can shrink to fit your iPad, tablet or mobile device screens.

The design team optimised the design by ensuring that the text provided is clear and easy to read across all platforms and that images and videos are scaled to fit on any device while ensuring their quality is not reduced.

Elm Landscaping website design - mobile visual.

Project Completion

Our newly designed website for Elm Landscaping delivers a clear and concise overview of their extensive services, strategically optimized for local SEO to enhance visibility. The user-friendly interface ensures the Elm Landscaping team can effortlessly update content and proudly display their ISO qualifications. Potential clients can easily book a showcase visit through a straightforward, structured form, making it simpler than ever to connect with Elm Landscaping’s exceptional offerings.

The team at Agile Digital Strategy would like to thank Elm Landscaping for choosing ADS for their custom website design project. We have really enjoyed working on this project.

Elm Landscaping website design - home page.

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