Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

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SEO – Providing Insight & Analysis into your Competitors Keywords to find out what keywords or phrases potential customers are using!

This is also included as standard in our SEO packages.



Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Search is the largest provider of organic website traffic. Keyword discovery pinpoints the words, or phrases users type into a search engine relevant to your industry.  This is a key component for SEO.

  • Identify the Keywords associated with your products/services.
  • Analyse the top businesses competing for those keywords
  • Investigate search volumes for keywords
  • Find additional keywords with similar search volumes and less competition


What you need to provide for Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis:

Provide the selected number of keywords and competitors URL’s to us. If you wish to target international countries, you need to provide the URL and the country you wish to target the keywords for. Please note that each country is considered an additional search.

Next Steps:

  1. ADS will provide a spreadsheet per keyword and competitor list. The competitor list will show the keywords and ranking that your competitors website is currently ranking for.
  2.  You will provide us with to provide updated spreadsheets – with X in first column (Your Company) for keywords that are suitable and relevant to your business. We need to ensure that the keywords we target are not just going to bring visitors to your site, but to bring quality visitors that have a high chance of converting into customers.
  3. ADS will then analyse your keywords and group them together with the best keywords to target
  4. Zoom call to review keywords and groupings (To ensure they are targeting the correct business area)
  5. ADS will then review your current sitemap & services layout (what pages are on your site) and propose a new sitemap and identify areas where content could be improved
  6. A zoom call again to discuss the new layout to ensure it matches what you require


Column descriptions from Keyword & Competitor Spreadsheets:

  • Keyword – what the potential customer is typing/saying to Google for searches
  • Search Volume is the average volume per month that people use that term to search – approximately based on previous searches.
  • Keyword Difficulty – is the difficulty (or more competition) to rank for that term rated from 0 to 100 – higher the number, the more competition for those rankings.
  • Position – where the website currently ranks for that keyword term – Google shows approx. 10 per page on search results. i.e. ranking 26 would mean on the 3rd page of search results.

Additional information

Competitors to Research

3, 5, 8

Keywords to Research

3, 5, 8