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School Website Design Services

Modern Responsive & Creative website designs for Irish Schools. Our team of professional website developers provide professional website design for both primary & Secondary schools.

Modern and Responsive School Websites Design Services

We create imaginative, entertaining, engaging websites dripping with color and creativity.

We are aware that how prospective parents and students see your school is greatly influenced by the style of your school website. A good school website can be made or broken by how well it communicates your institution’s mission through emotive photography, excellent branding, and exceptional content.

We create distinctly imaginative, entertaining, and engaging websites that are dripping with color and creativity. Both are responsive and simple to update. WordPress was used to create all of our websites, making it simple to update them frequently with events, images, and news.

All of our websites are fully responsive on all devices. Also, our websites are fully GDPR compliant. Built-in Option for Events and Calendar. All of your school’s future activities may be quickly added to your website and will be displayed on a monthly calendar.

Regarding your project to design a school website, we’d love to hear from you. We’re also available to you if you need suggestions on how to enhance the functionality and conversion rates of your school’s current website.

Primary Schools

Primary School Website Design

As you might expect, a sizable portion of our design portfolio comprises designs for primary school websites. They display a wide range of designs for new products, from traditional techniques with full-screen images and graphics of local sites to more modern ones with bright colours. Learning about each school’s unique personality is one of the fun aspects of working with them.


At the beginning of the design process, our highly skilled design consultants will spend a lot of time talking with you about the needs of your school and learning about what makes it unique. Please check our portfolio for some of the primary school websites.

Secondary Schools

Secondary School Website Design

Your secondary school website should serve as an educational and entertaining resource for parents, students, teachers, staff, and the community. We’ll make sure your web presence accurately represents your school and its distinct ideals through imaginative design and functionality designed to meet the requirements of educators. In combination with our media services, creative design, and digital communication tools, we can offer a strong all-in-one solution that is much more than just a website.

Web Design Services in Clare - wordpress website design

Unique And Innovative School Website Design Services

Agile Digital Strategy works to develop and implement a user-friendly layout and interface for your school website. We are native experts at building websites that attract parents and students in with just one look. To guarantee a seamless experience across all platforms, the designs are expertly structured for both desktop and mobile versions. Visitors to your website would have a thoroughly professional experience because of its excellent drop-down menu, easy to find, easy to navigate and well website designed.

School Website Design Services At Affordable Prices

All of our customers who come to us for any form of Digital Solutions can count on us for high quality services at the best prices. A school serves a vital function in society, so it is deserving of our highest level of expertise. We provide schools with the most affordable prices and help them communicate with parents, students, and the general public. For the best pricing on the market, get in touch with us.

Showcase For School Websites

It’s time for your school to see results now that the website is operational and digital marketing is being used. Our websites are delivered on schedule. The website for your institution would have photos, videos, blogs with latest news items, calendars, information about the teachers, rules and regulations, admissions forms, and every little detail.

The website would serve as a global reflection of your institution. It would serve as an online database for all significant documents.

Choose Best Customized Web Design Features For Your School

Why should you choose Design for School websites?

We build enduring professional and creative partnerships; we are more than just a web design company. On every web design project, our skilled staff goes above and beyond.

Frequently Asked about Primary School Website

No problem, You can register your domain e.g (www.hostingireland.ie)  and we can setup your hosting. (Check our Website Hosting Annual Plan)

The development of a school website will take 2-4 weeks, assuming that we receive quick responses for information required. It can take a little bit longer on some occasions, usually due to delays with holidays or for instance, the school Board of Management might need to approve the website’s design.

Yes, your website will be specifically made to be “Responsive Design,” which means that it will appear excellent on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and of course desktops and laptops.

Yes, a content management system will be made available to you (CMS). It’s a very useful tool for the website’s content to be managed independently.

We host all of our websites on secure servers; it is up to you to ensure that your school complies with GDPR. However, we’ll give you all the tools you need to achieve online compliance.

We understand how difficult it can be to consider changing the information on a new website!  This is why we provide online zoom website training after the website goes live. Our maintenance support packages also include 30minutes of support monthly. 

Web Design Services in Clare - wordpress website design

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