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Monthly Subscription package for SEO & PPC Packages Combined. 

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Get Closer to Potential Customers using our Combined SEO And PPC Packages

If you’re searching for a reliable PPC agency in Ireland, we got you covered! We offer a full-range of PPC Advertising & management of Google Ads. PPC campaigns such as Google Ads allows businesses to put their products & services in front of people who are actively searching for them.

With the right top PPC agency, you can create a campaign strategy that delivers results. You’ll be able to display your ads to prospects when they’re ready to convert or buy. We achieve this time and time again by working closely with our clients to create high-performing, results-driven campaigns focused on delivering good quality leads and conversions, not just clicks!

So, if you’re a company based in Ireland and you’re looking to promote your products or services online, don’t be shy if you’re confused about what PPC is and how it works. This is something we hear all the time but have no fear! Agile Digital Strategy is the number 1 Google Ads agency in Ireland, we can help you capture more leads, drive sales and achieve more conversions.

Every successful business recognises the benefits of sending highly targeted traffic to your site using Google Ads. So, don’t get left behind whilst your competitors capitalise on the opportunities of running a (Pay-Per-Click) PPC Campaign.

2021 SEO & PPC Success For Our Clients

These are just 3 examples of some results we achieved for clients in 2021 compared with their online stats for 2020. These marketing campaigns highlight some of the direct benefits of increased conversion rate with quality website traffic.

109% Direct Revenue Increase – Hotel Client – 6 figures €

Even with lockdowns and limited travel, this hotel managed to increase their DIRECT revenue by 109%. We provided SEO research prior to website rebuild and SEO optimisation after rebuild and PPC Google Ads.

(Note, they had been running PPC Google Ads with different agency prior).

294% Revenue Increase – eCommerce Client – 6 figures €

Client had existing website that wasn’t ranking for some high search terms. The work completed included researching keywords and competitor analysis and optimising the categories they were using for products with descriptions. Highly successful eCommerce SEO!

ecommerce SEO increase 2020 to 2021

250% Increase in European B2B Sales Leads – International B2B UK Wholesaler

Even with Brexit, Pandemic and logistic issues, this B2B Wholesaler in the UK increased their European sales leads across mainland Europe. They also increased their national verified sales leads in the UK by 500%.  We provided SEO research prior to website rebuild and SEO optimisation after rebuild which is on-going.

Prior to working with us, all their business came through conferences – in 2021, the generated all new leads online and grew their business.



What does PPC stand for? =>Pay Per Click

Google PPC a valuable tool in that you only pay when your prospective clients ‘click’ on your ad based on ‘keywords’ and ‘locations’. This targeted advertising is very effective, when preformed correctly. However, PPC is not a magic bullet – you need a PPC specialist that really comprehends the technical aspects of Google Ads, the complexities of search, and how to maximise returns.

Our PPC Management agency is the one of our core services we provide and can start transforming your marketing. We advise on what you need to do to have a profitable PPC campaign, and using our consultants experience you can see great success. Look no further for a PPC agency in Ireland, contact us today!

SEO will add to your presence so that you can dominate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in both the ad space and also the organic spaces below. Organic traffic (SEO) has the highest conversion rates for eCommerce websites.

By combining SEO and PPC package, you will increase your online presence.




Get relevant traffic to your website from people who are looking for your services or products
Increase customer calls by linking the call you receive to a keyword. This valuable data will allow you to bid higher on keywords that delivery calls vs the ones that just deliver clicks
Get more online conversions including form submits and checkout purchases
With our advanced reports you can measure how successful your Ads are


Google PPC offers so much!

As a digital marketing agency we can help with more than just Google Ads are not just seen at the top 4 places and 3 on the bottom of SERPS. (Search Engine Results Page) You can utilize the Google Display network (GDN) and reach clients across the entire Google platform – so your ads can be shown on specific websites, in Gmail, and for specific searches. You can use banner ads and text ads – we are experts in these forms of online advertising.


Increase Online Conversions with Retargeting

Let’s say a client visits your website, and leaves. Missed opportunity? You bet! Perhaps they were mid purchase. Maybe something interrupted their browsing. You need to reconnect with this prospective client. This is where remarketing comes in. Your banner will be shown on partner websites – and the lower cost per click (CPC) make this an attractive proposition. The search is not limited to Ireland either so possibilities are endless. Using Irish PPC Agency Agile Digital Strategy you can win with Display Advertising combined with Remarketing and traditional Adwords.



Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

We run the majority of search ads on Google. However, there are great opportunities in using other channels – after all if your target audience are elsewhere in Ireland you should be there too. Bing PPC campaigns can be very effective for the 50+ demographic – and we can discuss the success stories we have for the other channels. We are also one of the best-rated seo agency in Ireland. You should definitely consider adding these to your PPC strategy.



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