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The higher you rank, the more customers your website will bring in. We will work with you to ensure your top products or services rank highly.

Monthly Call

Optional monthly reporting call to discuss impacts of the changes to your business. Also to gain insights into any changes in priority in your business.

Beat your Competition

Rank higher than your competitors organically online which will drive more sales to your business.

Monthly Reporting

ADS provides monthly reporting which includes automated reports combined with updates on changes applied per month.

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Identify the Keywords associated with your products/services. Analyse the top businesses competing for those keywords.

Increase Traffic & Revenue

Increased website traffic with quality leads that are actively looking for your products or services online.

Our clients say

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"Hybrid Technology Partners have worked with Agile Digital Strategy on a few projects, from website development shared projects, helping drive our SEO. I'm confident we'll be working on many more projects in the future as Niamh and the team give excellent service."
Hybrid Technology Partners - ADS client
Sonya Brown
Hybrid Technology Partners
I have been working with Agile Digital Strategy for the past few months and would highly recommend them to any company looking to improve their SEO. Niamh and Amber analysed our website and content and provided a very comprehensive report of what was required by us to improve our rankings. We had very detailed and informative conversations and they helped us at every step as we created content to enable us to reach our own clients. Our ranking has considerably improved thanks to the support and advice from Agile Digital Strategy.
Coastal Ceremonies - SEO by Agile Digital Strategy
Clara Malone
Coastal Ceremonies
Agile Digital were recommended to me by a colleague. I engaged them to improve our site's SEO, restructure the site navigation, tidy up the back-end of the site and to add a booking facility. Niamh and her team were excellent to work with and I can highly recommend Agile Digital Strategy
Geoff Dooley logo - SEO client of ADS
Geoff Dooley
Management Consultant
We had a really great service from Niamh and her team. They explained in very simple terms about how proper SEO works, helped us find out the most relevant keywords for our chocolate business which then helped get our new website to a high rank on Google search! Couldn't recommend ADS highly enough!!!
Wilde Irish Chocolates SEO Client
Patricia Farrell
Wilde Irish Chocolates

Frequently asked questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a process in a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimising a website to make it more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs) for organic search traffic.

To put it simply – when a user enters a search term into google, SEO will help your website to appear higher up on the results page list. The higher up your website is on the search engine, the more likely it is that people will click to view your website.

SEO keywords are single words or short phrases that represent the search queries that people use in a search engine. We will use them to guide content creation and to optimise your webpages as part of your SEO strategy.

At the beginning of any SEO Strategy, finding the right keywords for your website is essential. In essence, your keywords refer to the search terms that people use on search engines. Keyword research and competitor analysis is vital to know what keywords your business should be aiming for

Someone who types ‘Restaurant in Limerick’ on Google is unlikely to find your restaurant if you don’t include the term ‘Restaurant in Limerick’ within the written content. Keywords, therefore, are designed to help search engines match your website with the user queries.

When a potential customer visits your website, it is called traffic. Organic traffic are visitors who find your website without you having to pay for advertisements of your page. Organic traffic is earned through hard work, rather than traffic which is paid for.

SEO is very effective for building website traffic. A clear strategy must be put in place for it to be effective for your webpage.

Search engines, such as Google and Bing, have gotten better at identifying the intent of search queries. Choosing the right keywords to drive traffic is even more vital.

Because organic traffic is not paid for, once an SEO friendly strategy takes effect and visibility increases, a website will see growth from this channel.

As a Marketing Company, we often hear our clients ask if they should use SEO or would PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising would be better. Although both have their benefits, we believe that SEO has greater long term benefits than PPC. 

Contact us about packages that can combine SEO & PPC. 

PPC Marketing may sound attractive at first – after all it is the fastest way to get to the number one spot on Google. However, you are paying for this privilege and it is only temporary. To maintain this position on the SERP, it can become quite expensive and it is often not the best choice for businesses with a smaller budget.

PPC Marketing is useful when you are launching a new product or service. This enables you to get a quick return, but is costly to maintain in the longer term.

SEO helps you to grow your business organically. PPC is a temporary position, but SEO will maintain a position in search engine rankings.

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google.  

Google ranks companies that are physically close to the searchers known location higher on its results page than other competitors.

Therefore, Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

Get in Touch with us to find out more about our SEO Packages and to see which best suits your business. 

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