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Accessible Website Design for Tealleat

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Table of Contents

Overview of Website design for Tealleat

Website design for Tealleat. This project was a 4-month project with Tealleat which involved a full website design of the clients new website with added functionality for accessibility. 

Bespoke Accessible website design for Tealleat

Background on Tealleat

Colette Meyler provides through her services at Tealleat.ie, Coaching in Life Skills and also consultancy in Accessability, project management, procurement and lean six sigma.

Colette has a passion for promoting Instinctive Inclusion so that difference may one day be an everyday normal. In more recent years Colette ventured into Erickson Life Skills Coaching and found the principles of this style of coaching invaluable to the positive outcomes in every area of her work and life since.

tealleat company logo
Snip of Telleat website - what they do

Creating an Accessible modern responsive design for the website was one of Colette’s highest priorities in growing her personal brand and business and adding all of the necessary functionalities to the website opens up new opportunities for flexibility and allows for ease of use for customers on the website.

Accessible Website Brief

Agile Digital Strategy provided a number of key features needed for the website design and hosting.

Functionality integrated with Design - Accessibility

At the beginning of the project, we discussed with the client about what kind of style of website they desired and her requirements.

The website has a number of different pages which showcase the services that Tealleat provides.

Accessibility was key to the website, adding an Accessibility tool allows the various options below:

Accessibility Toolbar:

Add a toolbar toggling hat allows you to set:

  • Font Resize (increase/decrease)
  • Reset Font Size
  • Readable Font
  • Underline Links
  • Highlight Links
  • Image Greyscale
  • Navigation
  • Clear cookies
tealleat accessibility website

Requirements from client: 

  • Tealleat is committed to maintaining an accessible website.
  • Ensuring that this website achieves “Level AA” conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
  • Ensuring that all new information on the website will achieve “Level AA” conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0


The Plug in used for Accessibility on the website www.tealleat.ie was https://accessibility-helper.co.il/ which met all the requirements of the client. 

The website once developed was then independently tested to be accredited WCAG A and AA status. 

Plug In - WP Accessibility Helper (WAH) and Testing

The plug in we used and tested for Tealleat website was WP Accessibility Helper (WAH). It gave the functionality and accessibility that was in the brief from the client to meet all the Accessibility requirement required. 

WP Accessibility Helper (WAH)

We tested the Tealleat website on various testing sites to confirm it was fully accessible for the users requirements. 





Ace Accessibility review on Tealleat website

Mobile Responsive Design Across All Devices

tealleat accessible website design, responsive across devices

It is essential that your web design should be easy to navigate through and simple to use across all devices. Your potential customers should always be able to easily access your websites content and they should be able to navigate your website easily.

Agile Digital Strategies web design for Tealleat is compatible across all device platforms. This means that the web design can expand across computer monitors or laptop screen sizes, and it can shrink to fit your iPad, tablet or mobile device screens.

The design team optimised the design by ensuring that the text provides is clear and easy to read across all platforms and that images and videos are scaled to fit on any device while ensuring their quality is not reduced.

Case Study Tealleat - Project Completion

During the planning stages of this web design project, the initial time for delivery was estimated 6-12 weeks from provision of all content. The website went live and has been a great success due to how easily accessible the new functions of the website are to use.

The website has been indepenendently tested to ensure it meets VPAT compliance. We can offer independent testing for your website to ensure its accessibility. 

The team at Agile Digital Strategy would like to thank Colette at Tealleat for choosing to work with us and we have really enjoyed working on this project. We hope that their new website will attract a wider audience of potential clients. 

Google My Business review for Agile Digital Strategy from Tealleat.ie

The team at Agile Digital Strategy would like to thank Tealleat for choosing to work with us and we have really enjoyed working on this project over the last few months. We hope that their new website will attract potential customers to their wide range of services.

ADS offer full accessibility web design to WCAG 2.0 A & AA standard if required by client. Independent testing can also be arranged. 

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